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About Us

Hello and welcome! 
    Thank you for being here. My name is Maddy & I am the CEO & founder of ShopHoney. I just want to say I am so appreciative of you and your curiosity that brought you here. Let's get to some of the details to why ShopHoney was created.
    The main purpose of creating ShopHoney was to mirror a shopping experience I wanted growing up - luxe experience, timeless pieces, affordable prices. I want to empower women and help them feel strong, beautiful, sexy and comfortable in what they wear. Fashion had always made me feel giddy and what you wear is truly an art no matter what it is that you have on. 

     Now where did the name “ShopHoney” come from? I wanted something simple that had great meaning. When I think of the word “honey”, I immediately think of honey dripping down, which gives you this beautiful golden color that you can't take your eyes off. Honey is pure, sweet and never expires.

     In the fast fashion trends of today you'll find yourself wearing a piece a few times and tossing it away. I want you to have pieces that you'll keep reaching for in your closet that comes with longevity. I want you to be able to associate yourself with a brand that makes you feel high-minded and whole. Enjoy your experience here, and if there's any way we could make it better for you... please let us know. 

Talk soon,


CEO & Founder 


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